It was at the age of 6 that Sheng went on stage for the first time during a singing contest in China. The experience was a revelation: once his song was finished, the child refused to get off the stage until security intervened. Sheng first chapter of her story has been written, she had always been a terrible child (hence the title of her first EP “Enfant terrible”).

Camille (Sheng) took then piano lessons. If the lessons were complicated at the beginning, they became a real pleasure the day her mother let her make her own choices, and choose other instruments, like guitar in high school. In addition, Sheng attended workshops where she was introduced to traditional Chinese practices in which she discovered the “sheng”, a wind instrument made of 17 bamboo pipes.

However, Sheng does not owe her stage name to her too short practice of traditional Chinese instruments but to her mother as Sheng is her family name. Very close to her mother, the young woman owes her first cultural awakenings to her.

Fan of literature, especially theater and poetry, Sheng has always written – An obvious choice for a Chinese writer granddaughter (Sheng Haigeng from Shanghai and Hangzhou).

It was not until his early years at university that rap came to Sheng, through the meeting of a group of boys who spend their evenings kicking. Facing them, the girls in the group were  only passive observers, which annoyed Camille: “I started writing so that the girls would be represented”. In rap, it is above all the visual universe that fascinates the young woman.

After several freestyles posted on Instagram, winning springboards and virtual competitions (1Minute2rap), Sheng quickly gained a small notoriety in Paris and made her first concerts.

She joined the label Syndicate in December 2021 and started releasing new tracks in which she exploits thematics from heartache to the feelings of helplessness and frustration in the face of the current state of the world. Engaged in her songs, melancholic, shy from time to time, she’s determined to make her place in her own way.

Her first EP « Enfant Terrible » was released in June 2022.



8th of December – « Sans lendemain »

January – « Glory » feat Bovvary

February – « Toc Toc »

March – 2nd EP announce & preorder

April – 2nd EP out


– Increase Parisian word of mouth (infuse the Chinese diaspora + give credibility to her position as a rapper in the 13th arrondissement via the borough’s rap heritage)
– Develop notoriety on Chinese territory


o Find a sponsor in rap 13e (Jok’Air, MZ, Yannic, Mafia Trece, Lomepal, Southcide 13, ) or in Chinese music
o Have a focus on Mandarin on SN. At the moment some language learning accounts that are exploding –>  go towards this trend to talk about translation or language (foreign language composition)
o Featuring with Chinese artists in rap? (she is also in contact with Joyce Jonathan but it seems a little bit far from Sheng aesthetic), she’s also in contact with The Voice China team –> applications will be studied in March 2023,
o Settling on Chinese networks –>  how to work on Youku (YT), Douyin (TikTok), Weibo (TW), We Chat (FB)
o AI promo tools and Chinese DSPS QQmusic, Netease, UGC Douyin influencer campaign
o Always put the translations + put the Chinese characters each time on creatives and YT


  • Is it important to create and develop chinese social networks for Sheng ? Do you have best practices to give us ?
  • How to reach chinese diaspora ?
  • Similar bilingual artists to target or to look up as exemples in termes of digital strategy ?
  • How to value french in the Chinese market ?